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Going to go ahead and shamelessly tell you to follow my personal. - Jude


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I'm bisexual.. and I want a relationship.. with a girl. But I'm painfully shy to go up to anyone of the same sex and actually talk to them. But the problem is, it that I don't know anyone who likes girls.. Idk...

I would suggest find a GSA or LGBT group in your area or school and getting to know the girls in there. Be confident and find common interests to start conversations with, such as, “Have you seen the Hunger Games yet? I started bawling like five times during it!” and if she says yes you can talk about it if she says no you can ask why not. Obviously it doesn’t have to be Hunger Games related, that’s just a random idea. If you’re confident they will be able to tell and like you more for it. Thanks for your question and feel free to come back! - Jude

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young-lungs: She’s perf.


young-lungs: She’s perf.

I've been going through alot of mixed feelings for like a year now. I'm pretty sure i'm a lesbian because when i went out with guys in the past, i felt like i had to so nobody would question my sexuality. I've grown alot and found myself. I've always had crushes on girls and teachers. I have a best friend who his straight that I really do love alot. She totally accepts homosexuality. I do want to tell her that i feelings for her, but i don't want to mess up our awesome friendship.

Are you 100% sure that she is completely straight? If you are and really do want to keep your friendship how it is then maybe not telling her and trying to get over her will be less emotionally traumatic for you. If there is a chance that she isn’t totally straight or might be interested in you then I would say tell her! Be sure to explain to her that you don’t want to ruin your friendship by telling her this but you can’t not. In some cases telling a person how you feel can be worse then not telling them. Thanks for your question and feel free to come back! - Jude

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This is just something I’m kind of curious about, do any of you ever find that you are attracted to some girls just because they also like girls?

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